Police Reports & Records

Police Reports & Records

​​​​​​​​​​The Clerical Department is responsible for processing the tremendous amount of paperwork generated each day by the South Lyon Police. They provide copies of reports, handgun purchase permits, bicycle licenses, and a multitude of other services to the public.

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Firearm Registration & Permits,

Handgun purchase permits are provided to South Lyon residents only. Permits must be requested in person at the South Lyon Police station. Valid photo I.D. bearing your current address is required.

After obtaining the 4-part permit form the South Lyon Police department, the firearm must be purchased within 10 calendar days. 

If the purchase is made through a registered gun dealer, the dealer will notarize and fill out all four copies of the permit and keep the Seller copy.  The purchaser will keep the Purchaser copy and return the Agency and MSP copies to the South Lyon Police Department within 10 calendar days.

No safety inspection is required due to the changes in the Gun Laws as of January 8, 2009.

If the purchase is made through a private seller, the seller must fill out the front and sign the back of all four copies of the permit.  The purchase must get all four copies of the permit notarized and return the Agency and MSP copies to the South Lyon Police Department within 10 days of the purchase date. 

Registering Inherited Firearms,

Heirs to an estate must bring a driver's license or state I.D., and a copy of the death certificate and deceased's firearm registration card if one is available.

Individuals will need to obtain a permit to purchase the firearm.   In place of the seller's signature, write the word "deceased" with the name (of the deceased) printed next to it as seller's name.

Concealed Weapon Permits,

Concealed Weapons Permit application kits are available to city residents only, during normal business hours. The formal application process, including fingerprinting, is handled by the Oakland County Sheriff.​

Requesting Copies of Police and Accident Reports,

Copies of reports can be requested Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Special arrangements can be made by phone to pick up copies during other time periods.​

To access and purchase accident reports: Click Here​

Statewide Criminal Background,

This can be done on-line at the Michigan State police website with a credit card.   Michigan State Police.​

FOIA Requests,

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides all persons, except those incarcerated in correctional facilities, with access to public records.

Requests to inspect or receive records must be submitted in writing, and must describe the requested records with enough detail that we can identify them.

You will receive a prompt written response to your request, either granting your request or explaining why all or part of your request cannot be granted.

A fee will be charged for processing your request, which must be paid in advance.


FOIA Public Summary

FOIA Fee Summary​


Direct FOIA requests to:

​Lt. Christopher J. Sovik
219 Whipple Street
South Lyon, Michigan 48178
Access Accident Reports,

Access Here